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Welcome to Leben & Beruf México

Humanization, Ethics and Fullness in Life and Work ...

How to develop them in Today and for the Future of the Sustainable Development of Existence in this Multicultural Digital Era?


… With an eye on its four facets:



Get to know our Portfolio of Services designed within the framework of the Existential Analysis Psychological Theory

Ancla 1

Comprehensive Program for Sustainable Development in the Human Organization

EDSHO-®Existential Diligence for Sustainability in Human Organization

An investment in Human Capital that contributes to the Profitable Mission and Sustainable Purpose of your Organization, working with the essentials of the Human Being to promote holistic development in its three dimensions:

| Organizational | Professional | Staff |


and with instruments of

| Education | Existential Psychology | Ethics |


With a 3-Process Methodology ...

Ancla 2

For a Globalized Multicultural Society

Harmony in the encounter between two different languages

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