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In Leben & Beruf México we are interested in protecting the professional standards of our services. In addition to promoting education and development -from an existential perspective- of Leadership and Ethics, of the new Essential Personal Competencies for the 21st Century and a better Quality of Life and Work, we also try to promote among our clients and graduates of the programs training and seminars their continuous professional development, maintaining contact and promoting the spirit of collaboration, communication and support between professionals and people, which favor their personal sustainability and, where appropriate, that of their Company.

That is why we invite you to be part of our network of professionals, where you will find:

  • A resource for dialogue and relationship with other members for the exchange of contributions and contributions, as well as best corporate and professional practices;

  • A means of notification about future events for the maintenance of your continuous personal and professional training;

  • A communication access and participation in publications, webinars and events organized at an international level in the field of Existential Analysis.




Publications on various topics that mostly use the application of Existential Analysis for Life and Work , with the purpose of favoring the   Sustainable Human Development   fit   Staff | Professional | Organizational   and to offer you an understanding of your deep existential motivations that lead you to act as you do. Through this blog presentation, we invite you to participate with us by providing data that you consider relevant, as well as your criticism and personal opinion.


Networking through a Digital Forum, so that you can share with the multicultural community your opinions and personal position on existential issues of life and the world of the XXI century.

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