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Our symbol alludes to the image of the Human Being in constant growth facing the challenge of Being in its Existence ( Dasein ). This symbol is born from the Logarithmic Spiral, which is characterized by the fact that the distances between its arms increase in geometric progression, being constant in the growth of its radii.

Our spiral in third dimension begins its development from the depths and figures its passage through time; It unfolds with four arms that represent the Human Being as a being constantly asked about Existence from its four planes: from reality, from the fundamental value that it feels for life, from the ethical task of being itself in all its acts and from a look at the meaning of existing.

Image by NASA

As the spiral progresses, strengthen your arms and reveal one more that represents the omnipresent will in human life, remembering that existence does not simply happen, but is a constant and conscious personal decision to want to be there and say "yes" to Life.

In front is a red and white burst of light symbolizing the Being-Person, that intimate human depth capable of facing Existence, looking at the essential and the spiritual of each situation. Thus, the Human Being surpasses its materiality and functionality; This deep and spiritual Being-Person is what builds dignity in the Human Being.

In addition, the spiral is guided by a last thick arm that symbolizes the freedom of choice that the Human Being, even in very limited conditions, is capable of possessing. The dignity of man is nourished precisely by that freedom of one's own choice.


The logarithmic spiral is a curved spiral that often appears in Nature.

It was initially described by Descartes and later mostly investigated by Jakob Bernoulli, a Swiss mathematician and scientist, who considered the figure of this spiral as a symbol, either of strength and constancy in adversity, or as a symbol of the human body, which , after all the changes and mutations, even after death he would be restored to his perfect and exact self.

With this emblem we represent our commitment to transform our professional services into an Art in Personal, Professional and Organizational Development that lead each Human Being we accompany, to the Art of Living their Own Life .

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