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  • Organizational advice for the Training of Essential Human Capital Competencies.

  • Existential Psychotherapy and Existential Counseling through private consultation and community service.

  • Professor at the College of Public Accountants of Mexico in Ethics and Professional Responsibility, as well as Human Capital Management and Talent by Skills.

  • Conferences and educational workshops on essential skills, ethics and morals, as well as on other existential training issues in various companies, groups and universities.

  • Translation of specialized professional texts on Psychology, Administration and Finance (English-Spanish / Spanish-English / German-Spanish).

  • Formerly a community psychotherapy and counseling service for terminally ill and chronically ill patients for 9 years; and in the Administrative and Financial Area: independent professional services of External Audit, Accounting and Tax Consulting and other related services, provided to various industrial, commercial, service and financial sector companies, through Public Accountants Firms, for 30 years .

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